Tips On How To Make Ice Cream Soft

Here are some tips that we make ice cream was soft and not hard :
How, ice cream must be shaken several times to get a smooth result .
Beat the periphery during start freezing and continue to beat until the ice decomposes but not to melt .
If it is too difficult to be frozen whipped , otherwise if the ice cream is not freezing , the crystal grains will quickly become water again .
Close the container tightly to prevent ice cream mixed with the smell of other foods stored in the freezer . In addition, the creation of ice crystals on the surface.
Ice cream is made from low-fat milk or yogurt will easily melt or melt . To fix this , first chill -food containers in the freezer and remove the ice cream from the freezer just before serving.
If the ice cream is too hard , store in the refrigerator during the first 20 to 30 minutes until the ice cream scoop can .
In order to look more attractive , ice cream can be sprinkled with brown rice or meises , shaved chocolate , chopped peanuts , chopped almonds , chocolate chips, dried fruit , and so forth .