The natural way to soften hands

- Take as much olive oil and one tablespoon of sugar as much as two tablespoons. 
- Wash your hands first using a little soap and rinse with warm water 
- Take the olive oil and sugar, then smeared into the palm of the hand 
- Rub your palms slowly, mixed into one. Use like regular hand washing as 
- Rinse with warm water and pat dry with a towel 
- Feel your hands now, it will feel smoother and softer

In addition to using olive oil and sugar, you can also use potatoes and lime juice to soften hands. 

- Take the grated potatoes later in 
- Take the results of grated potato and rub directly into the palm of your hand rough 
- Leave for about half an hour, then wash with lime juice 

- Rinse with warm water

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